SEO Training in Liverpool

Need SEO skills? Learn from an expert!

  • Fully personalised training – I give tailored courses specific to your individual requirements.
  • Pre-training website assessment – I assess the strengths and weaknesses of your website so I know precisely what we need to work on.
  • Continuing support – If you’ve got any questions down the line or need a quick reminder, I offer on-going support free of charge.
  • Post-training strategy – After your course is completed, I’ll provide you with a customised SEO strategy.
  • Hands-on training – I don’t just offer dry theory; you’ll apply what you learn in class and to your own website (if possible).
  • Learn from an active professional – I have 8 years experience as an SEO consultant and I’m still on the job. This means I’m always up to speed on the latest developments and techniques.
  • Train one-to-one or exclusively with your company – You won’t share your training time with “outsiders”, meaning we can go in-depth and concentrate on exactly what you need.
  • Cost effective training – Customised courses mean no time is wasted on topics irrelevant to your specific business. I provide specialised training at a lower cost.

What exactly do I teach?

Anything and everything within SEO. We will cover whatever you or your company needs to learn. Feel free to contact me if you aren’t sure about what exact training you need and I’ll have a look at your website free of charge. We’ll go over what you already know and what you’d like to learn and I’ll provide you with some specific ideas for training.


£300 individual / £50 extra for each additional individual
Basic SEO training – Covers all the basics about how SEO functions and how you can apply it to your own site.
In-depth SEO training – Focuses on one or two particular areas of SEO (your choice).